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A Limousine Ride

“A limousine ride designed for toddlers…that’s literally what the FirstBIKE is. The streamlined lightweight FRP (GFT™) frame combined with the profound symmetry of frame, fork, saddle and wheels affords a child a more than reasonably smooth ride. The comfort of a riding experience devoid of high impact to any part of their body is a residual result.” “For retailers, the FirstBIKE is a new artery of substantial sales just waiting to be discovered. For the consumer, the FirstBIKE is the safety net they’ve been waiting for. It is the perfect enticement to draw a child to take their first steps in learning how to balance on a bike safely. No bumps and bruises with the FirstBIKE™, just a well built bike and lots of fun.”

– Plastics Engineer, BS, MA, and PhD, The Toy Man Product Guide

Value for the Money

I believe it (FirstBIKE) is very much worth buying seeing how much fun my son has had with the FirstBIKE and how much he loves riding around saying “look at my motorbike” I think it is definitely value for money.

Product withstood the trial very well even with my son trying to “jump it” and just dropping it on the ground at no time did I ever think it was going to break. The FirstBIKE looks and fees sturdy and durable and I believe it will last for many years (and children) to come.

– RMN, Member, Kidspot.com.au, Australia

Glides Like Butter

FirstBIKE is an award-winning German-designed bike that has recently made its way to the US. With its unique composite frame, four different tire options, eighteen different color combinations and a claim to be the safest balance bike available, FirstBIKE talks a good talk, but does walk a good walk? As one who currently owns more balance bikes than pairs of shoes, I can honestly say it not only walks a good walk, it redefines what a good walk is. From its industrial-grade sealed bearings that glide like butter, to its weather resistant composite frame with a lifetime guarantee, it is quite simply the best all-around and indeed safest balance bike on the market. Here’s why:

And no, I do not work for FirstBIKE, am not affiliated with them in any way and was not paid to write this review (although they did provide me with a demo bike). I just really like their bike!

– Natalie, TwoWheelingTots.com

No More Struggles

My son has been struggling to ride a bike all summer long. His brother was a quick learner when it came to pedaling, but his younger brother just doesn’t seem to get it. The FirstBIKE is perfect for my 3 year old. I love that it looks just like a regular bike minus the pedals. It is sleek and cool; perfect for a child who wants to ‘fit in’ (like my 3 year old) without having to feel embarrassed by falling. It took about a week for him to pick up the concept of the FirstBIKE, simply because we have been constantly pushing the idea of pedals on him I think. Once he was passed the fact that you could ‘walk it’ we were fine. Now, 3 weeks later he is a pro!! Flying down the street and even lifting his feet and balancing on his own! His older brother even pesters him for a ride on it. He has gone from geek to chic on our street!

– Mom Blogger, PTPA (Parents Tested Parents Approved)


FirstBIKE is Accredited and Awarded Around The World

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  • 2012 Product of the Year
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