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Our Very First Bike – Martin and Andrea Balhar’s Distributor Story

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At the beginning, there were some extremely cheap air tickets to Copenhagen for our 15th anniversary. Then they got a little more expensive after my husband made a mistake with the time of our flight departure and we ended up looking for any connection to the north that day.

A long weekend for just the two of us was something we couldn’t give up on. As parents of a two year-old daughter and another baby on the way, we knew very well that this was our last chance to relax a bit for the next few years. We were looking forward to enjoying the long weekend like we used to before we had children…

Soon it was clear that there wouldn’t be any big romance (probably never again) as we spoke only about our daughter and most of our time was spent in local toy stores. But, we had a lot of fun there! In addition to electronic drums, a toy camera, and many other different toys, we also managed to fit our first FirstBIKE into our luggage.

What attracted us then to the bike? First of all, its clean design and high-quality materials. We were surprised how it could be so light and stable at the same time.

However, we discovered the best advantages of FirstBIKE only after we got back home; we had no idea how fast our daughter would be able to ride on it and learn to keep her balance – it took her only a few hours (without any help and explanation)! It was very intuitive and each moment she was more and more confident. Today she is five years old and she is an enthusiastic cyclist who never needed training wheels…

Our younger son got his FirstBIKE when he was 20 months old. His first route was his favorite winter circuit: hall – kitchen – dining room – living room – hall. Now he practices steep downhill racing into the garage and enjoys riding on rough terrain. Firstly, he was using only his legs to slowdown and stop but thanks to the handbrake, he can now safely brake when he is going fast downhill – he loves skidding. He wears his bicycle helmet more often than a cap. He is just two and a half…

FirstBIKE is not a toy just for “effect.” Children are having a lot of fun and don‘t even notice that they have just learned something. They’ve learned something valuable that they will never forget and something that would be for them (and also for us as parents) much more difficult without FirstBIKE – how to keep balance on a bike.

Our kids don’t like lending their FirstBIKEs to other children. Probably because they were asked so many times by other kids and parents during our walks. Dads seem to have more courage and approach FirstBIKE as if they are buying a car – they ask for a test drive.

That’s simply why we started to distribute FirstBIKE; so many people were impressed by our children riding on FirstBIKE and were asking us where we bought it. Then, it was just a small step to realize the market potential and ask for distribution rights.

Andrea Balharová

Andrea was recently featured in the February, 2012 issue of Maminka magazine (a leading Czech publication for mothers). You can read the article here.


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